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It can be a bit of a minefield choosing a locksmith from the many search results that Google and other search engines present you with.

Well, I’m afraid that only you can make the decision about who to call, but we’ll try to give you some useful information so that you can make a more informed choice, (as well as highlighting the tricks that some companies employ).

Naturally, we hope that you’ll make Lock Express your first choice though!

Agencies & Call Centres.
Many of the online locksmith ads are from agencies, often based many miles away, who will farm out jobs to engineers perhaps local or not, you never know.

Dealing with this kind of organisation can have a number of drawbacks.

Will the call centre staff be knowledgeable enough to deal with your problem?

Will you end up paying more? As there will undoubtedly be ‘middle-men’ wanting a slice of the action, and the engineer may have to increase his costs accordingly.

Will the call centre staff tell you the whole truth about pricing, call-out times etc?

Many years ago we used to accept work from a number of different agencies.

We stopped dealing with them altogether when it became apparent that they were just playing us off against the customer. promising the earth, being economical with the truth, and letting us deal with the fallout.

Of course, there are bound to be ethical agencies out there. But do you really want to take the risk?

We, at Lock Express locksmiths are an entirely independent company.
We are not a franchise or part of a chain.

We don’t carry out work for agencies or national companies.

We never use call centres, or sales staff. We believe that if you call a locksmith then you should speak to one!

The Areas We Cover.

Being a local company, we only cover a relatively small area.

We have three main areas of operation. The Dorking area, the Cranleigh area, and the Haslemere area.

From time to time we also undertake work from some surrounding areas such as Crawley, Horsham, Guildford and Woking. It is also not unusual for us to travel further afield to assist some of our regular customers. If in doubt, please ask. We’ll be happy to help if we can.

We like to operate with fixed labour prices whenever possible.

Most call-outs such as lock changes & replacements, & lock-outs will fall into this category.

By charging a fixed price for such jobs, it means that we can concentrate on doing the job properly, and you don’t need to keep an eye on the time!

Commonly, we will quote the labour charge over the phone, and give you the likely cost of any materials, (although we may need to confirm this when we see what is actually required).

Unlike some companies, we will always try to give you the worst-case-scenario price, rather than just saying that prices start from £………..as this can be misleading.

If you need us to undertake a larger job for you, then it may be necessary to quote for any additional labour in advance. But again, you can rest assured that if the job takes longer than we thought, the labour price originally quoted will remain the same.

The only exception to this, is if you decide that you require further services from us during the course of a job. If so, we will advise on any extra charges at the time.

At Lock Express, we never charge more just because a job is an emergency call-out.

We don’t believe in profiting from someone else’s misfortune!

We may, sometimes, charge a little extra for some out of hours, weekend, or bank holiday services. But again we do not believe in being excessive, (For instance. It cost only £10 more to hire us last Christmas day at 8 o’clock in the evening)!

If you need us, and we are available, then we just want to attend to you as soon as possible.

We don’t get involved in pricing wars. We feel that it would devalue the service that we provide.
There will probably always be a company willing to undercut us somewhere. But you must ask yourself if this will provide the value and service that you require.  

Call-Out Times.

Again, unlike some other companies, we do not like to make wild claims regarding call-out times.

The best way to find out is to call us the moment you know you need our assistance.

Some companies will quote a time, and then make excuses if they can’t honour it, (It’s a clever way of making sure that they hold on to you)!

Ideally, we like to attend emergency calls within one hour, less if possible. But it depends on how busy we are at the time.

If we don’t think that we’ll be able to get to you in a sensible length of time, then we’ll tell you. At least you will be able to make an informed decision.

If a locksmith company promises 15 minute, or 30 minute response times, then it is probably wise to treat this with caution!

Other Things To Bear in Mind When Choosing a Locksmith.

There are plenty of sneaky ways that some companies use to grab your business.

Here are a few:

“No Call-Out Charge”

Now, pretty much every locksmith uses this line, because it’s pretty much impossible to trade without it, (We’ve even used it). Basically it means little these days, but strictly speaking it’s true, most locksmiths don’t levy a charge just for turning up. But it does seem to imply that there will be no charge whatsoever. A little misleading.

“Police Approved or Insurance Approved”.

Both pretty much rubbish. The police remain pretty unbiased when using locksmiths services, and most insurance companies are not affiliated with, let alone in approval of, individual locksmiths.

Now, insurance approved locks. That is a genuine standard for many insurance firms.

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